RMKB On-Demand Fitness

Improve and increase your overall fitness from home

Train with a World Champion & his team

Train Online with World Champion - Robert McCallum

Classes you can join at any level


This class is geared toward improving and increasing your overall endurance as well as conditioning.


This dynamic session will not only burn the calories and give you the feel good factor.


A session to burn the calories and give you a fantastic buzz and feel good factor.


Isometric exercises are ideal for those with limited workout space.


A great power shift session that will brings benefits to all areas of training.

Foam Rolling

Helps release tension and soreness in the muscles. Improve flexibility and range of motion.

Family Sessions

Get involved with the kids and introduce them to some fun with exercising.

Zoom Classes

Join our Zoom classes to monitor progress, interact with members and answer any questions.

Pick a plan that suits you

All plans are automatically billed monthly until cancelled.
Free Trials will automatically be billed after 5 days unless cancelled on your dashboard before the trial ends.



Access to 4 classes – Circuit, Kick-Boxercise, Plyometric & Isometric. Tailored for Beginners at any age.

Beginner Plus
Includes 3 extra classes – Boxing, Foam Rolling & Family Session @ £15/month.

Intermediate / Advanced


Access to 4 classes – Circuit, Kick-Boxercise, Plyometric, Isometric. Tailored for Intermediate and Advanced.

Intermediate/Advanced Plus
Includes 3 extra classes – Boxing, Foam Rolling & Family Session @ £20/month.

Full Access


Access to all classes plus four 30-minute Zoom classes and 10-minute Q&A to reach your goals each month. Every Saturday 11.20am – 12.00pm

Best Value
Includes everything from Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced.

I can honestly say RMKB is an amazing club. Our son loves it. Robert and his team are encouraging, hard working and all round great.

Have had such a fantastic time these past 8 weeks. Training with Robert, Kerry and the rest of the crew.

A first class school that has given our children confidence, discipline and above all a way of keeping active and fit.

Simply outstanding. The man himself is the very best coach I have ever had (in any sport).